Om Vibes Only

Om Vibes Only creates conscious gatherings integrating yoga, sound & mindfulness. These events are curated to cultivate intentional living, high vibes & next level connection.

Our Mission

We believe surface level interactions simply don’t cut it anymore and therefore we seek new levels of consciousness that help us awaken to our highest potetial.

Our mission is to create gatherings of people who want to interact and engage at deeper levels of socializing.

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded peeps who can share their passions, goals and the things that really matter to them sans substances.

Upcoming Events

Our events are alcohol free events incorporating power yoga, live  deep house DJ sets, organic conversation and high vibe food, mocktails & juices.

Come vibe with us and get high on your own supply of natural energy & well being. We’ll provide the perfect setting to help you cultivate authentic connections while engaging in movement & conversations that speak to your soul.

Upcoming Events

New events coming in 2018!

Past Events

AuGUST 9th @ Juicy BEETS
June 21st @ Juicy Beets
May 24th @ Juicy Beets – See photos

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